Beaches for Snorkeling in Bali People do not know

Beaches for Snorkeling in Bali People do not know

Bali is one of famous Indonesia tourism even around the world. It has a lot of touristic attractions including beaches and cultures. Balinese’s ceremonies and dances invite a lot of tourists to watch. They have special characteristics performances with the historical or legendary stories inside. This phenomenon attracts a lot of tourists to try and join in their dances and ceremonies. Meanwhile, beaches in Bali are so fantastic and have various sea animals. People love to snorkel just to see those awesome creatures under the sea. For you who love snorkeling, you have to know some beaches in Bali which are so beautiful to have the moment you are under the sea.

Menjangan Island is one of the beautiful beaches and rich with the sea animals. The color of the sea is light blue with green around and clean so we can see the fish and other small creatures clearly. Some sea horses inhabit here. Those rare animals can be only found in Menjangan Island. It is located nearby by Gilimanuk harbour in the northeast Bali.

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One of the other attractive beaches is Amed. The beach is located in remote area in the northwest Bali. We take around 3-4 hours from the airport to reach there. So it is suggested to check in hotel when we want to visit Amed. Almost all hotels or homestays directly get nearby the beach. So it is easy for the visitors to snorkel or swim in the beach. We do not need to rent a boat to explore other spots of Amed beach.

Lembongan Island has fantastic beaches which we can snorkel there to see a lot of beautiful under the sea animals. It has some spots around where the fish hide. The tour guide will direct you to the spots. How to get there is not really easy. We need to take several transportations like buses or cars and boats. From the airport, we can ride transarbagita bus or rental car to get to Sanur beach and continued by boat to reach Lembongan Island.

As Bali is the best Indonesia tourism, Nusa Dua has beaches surrounded by famous stars hotels. The beaches in Nusa Dua are appropriate for us to snorkel. The best spot people do not know is behind Mulia Hotel. The beach is so blue and has a lot of sea animals which can be observed and a lot of boats can be rented to explore the beautiful spots in the middle of the ocean.